Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Mar 19 10:15 pm
About the movie

After an encounter with UFOs, a line worker feels undeniably drawn to an isolated area in the wilderness where something spectacular is about to happen.


Richard Dreyfuss,François Truffaut,Teri Garr,Melinda Dillon,Bob Balaban,J. Patrick McNamara,Warren J. Kemmerling,Roberts Blossom,Phil Dodds,Cary Guffey,Shawn Bishop,Adrienne Campbell,Justin Dreyfuss,Lance Henriksen,Merrill Connally,Amy Douglass,Gene Dynarski,Carl Weathers,Norman Bartold,F.J. O'Neil,Hal Barwood,Matthew Robbins,Gene Rader,Daniel Nunez,Chuy Franco,Luis Contreras,Galen Thompson,John Dennis Johnston,Robert Broyles,Monty Jordan,Basil Hoffman,Stephen Powers,George DiCenzo,Alexander Lockwood,Josef Sommer,Bill Thurman,James Keane,J. Allen Hynek,Howard K. Smith,Philip Dodds,Mary Gafrey,Michael J. Dyer,Roger Ernest,Randy Hermann,David Anderson,Richard L. Hawkins,Craig Shreeve,Roy E. Richards,Eumenio Blanco,Dennis McMullen,Cy Young,Tom Howard,Richard Stuart,Bob Westmoreland,Matt Emery,John Ewing,Kirk Raymond,Keith Atkinson

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